Boots To My Roots = Eat Free - Week #4

by Tania Staps, Tastemaker in Residence

The recent Memorial Day celebrations reminded me how incredibly Blessed we are to live in this amazing country! Everyday we have the freedom to choose to do whatever we want to do. 

I'm so grateful to our dear men and women in the military and celebrate their choice to serve each and every day. Because of their sacrifice, we remain free on a daily basis, and it will never be and MUST NEVER be forgotten. Of course, these thoughts also reminded me of the journey I am on and how it is so important to give yourself a 'free day’.  

So, the word for the week is FREE! On this day you can eat whatever you want.

I have accomplished this in several different ways. Of course, on Memorial day, I took the whole day as a free day because I knew I was going to be with friends; and did not want to feel restricted on that day. However, what works better for me most weekends is to do a 'free meal’.  For Example, if I am meeting a friend for brunch on Saturday; I'll eat clean the rest of the day. Then on Sunday, I usually eat clean the whole day; then meet up with some girls for 'dinner and a movie'. So, I had 2 free meals over the weekend instead of 1 whole free day.

I have found that when I am struggling during the week; knowing I have a free meal to look forward to, well, I can make it! Cause sometimes I feel if I have to eat one more salad; I might just cry. Then I get over myself, look at those veggies and tell myself, "this is getting me closer to being 'FREE' of the bondage of obesity.” I'll be free to play with all the children in my life without getting so tired. I'll finally do that marathon and so many other thing this weight has kept me from doing. 

Most of all, I'll be the best ME I can BE, and that will be the Me that is truly Free! 

Big Hugs!