A Tepee Full of Ideas

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®


Moms, dads, kids and grandparents find common ground under a Tepee of ideas. 

The premise that remains on our table is, why can’t the heirloom experiences fall in love with the newbie version and live happily ever after? I believe by connecting our table to yours, they can. Grandparents, friends and moms unite around a new baby and the changing table tells it's own story. 

Last May I experienced a fanciful refuge from the Texas heat all housed in a Houston ASID home. It provided sublimely luxurious design variations while at the same time never compromising the playful attitude that a young family made their first priority.  

I know we can’t all have this treat of someone else redoing our homes from top to bottom, but I am opening a window into this masterfully done parade home. 

Let’s begin this week with the kids and grandparents adjoining rooms. Let’s flip flop the conventional, so baby’s first. Each day this week I will post a new image of this idyllic environment designed with grandparents, family and friends in mind; and of course an opportunity for Mom and Dad to have a rest. 


Bulletin boards that can change a diaper too!


In this dream home grandparents are just a cry away from the nursery. And their space includes a tepee for the older siblings. 


New moms need a break. This extra bedroom for family and friends is not only beautiful but the perfect place for your helpers to nest. 


Games and toys may come and go but reading a book under a tepee with your child or grandchild recalls a time of playful spontaneity that is sometimes lost in the busyness of parenting. 


Letting the wind mess up your hair on a bike sounds like something a kid would do, right?