NYC Chinatown Mixology

by Margaret Ayache, Tastemaker in Residence

Ready - Set - Create your own drink!

Ready - Set - Create your own drink!

A Mixology class was held in a small unassuming space in Chinatown - NYC

We each had our own station and it was set up like a classroom. 

We learned about the cocktails and tasted our concoctions as we went; getting more creative as the evening went on ;) ha!

At the end…They provided all kinds of fruit, vegetables, spices and more; for us to create our own cocktail. The lead mixologist then tasted and judged our cocktails and chose the winner!

The evening mixology party was part of the grand finally to our all day creative inspirational process!  For the Shu Uemura Artistic Team!

Super Cool!!!

Here are the 5 classic cocktails we sip, savored and learned how to make. 

1. The Sidecar

2. Vodka Gimlet

3. Cosmo

4. Dirty Martini

5. Old Fashion