Peeling Layers; From My Boots to My Roots- Week #3

by Tania Staps, Tastemaker in Residence

So this weeks 'Word' is layers. For those of you just joining us, I am on a journey to health; for an update on what you might have missed see previous weeks; spinning and "I'm starting a diet."

It's a funny thing, I now have the best time prepping my food for the week. It somehow calms me down. Who knew cutting veggies could do that? Ha! I am able to catch up on phone calls or I simply put on some worship music and talk to Jesus or sing to Jesus, whatever the mood is that day. I have to tell ya; He has really helped me with this journey. 

The other day I was peeling some garlic and onions, and I thought, you know the first layer comes off pretty quick; then as the layers come off the onion gets sweeter. This spoke to me. Especially that day because I had been praying for God to give me the keys to really get this engine started. I feel this was/is a key. The healing from my boots to my roots layers are coming off,  just like an onion. 

I immediately connected this to forgiveness. Which for me has definitely been a key to beginning this journey. Most of the deep hurts in life result in unforgiveness. I read that when you do not forgive somebody it is like drinking the poison expecting the other person to die. It is a toxic way to live, and must be dealt with in order to move on. Forgiveness happens in layers. 

I love that even in the Bible Peter asked Jesus, how many times must we forgive? Jesus answered, "70 times 7.” I believe this means as many times as it takes until you have truly forgiven that person; enough to pray a blessing over their life. Unforgiveness is bondage to your very mind, body, and spirit. 

Just know that forgiving someone does NOT say that what they did or in some cases did not do is ok. It is releasing you from the burden, so that you can free yourself from the pain of it. There have been people and situations that I have HAD to forgive, and believe me it has not been easy. But when I do, a weight is literally lifted. 

It has been an amazing ride, and I've seen God restore things that I NEVER thought could even remotely be restored, and just like the onion, it got sweeter. The hardest part was picking it up, doing the first cut, and peeling off that first layer. I hope this encourages you to "Let it Go...Let it Go!" (I just sang that to y'all!)

Speaking of onions and garlic, these are awesome additions to any meal. They add flavor and are great antioxidants. So go make some pesto, a 'layered' salad, or just throw a whole Vidalia onion on the grill, this is one of my favorite ways to eat an onion. 

Forgive somebody, forgive yourself. Have a great week. Here's to one more layer peeled away.

Big Hugs!