I Did It!

by Becca Matheson, Tastemaker in Residence

Graduation is a grand occasion and you can help celebrate your graduate by being getting them a thoughtful gift. Some of the most popular and appreciated graduation gifts are: 

  • Money
  • Professional paraphernalia such as portfolios or a nice set of stationary with resume paper
  • Collegiate attire and keepsakes. It sounds silly since they’re just leaving, but they’ll appreciate the mementos and be happy to have them as alumni. 
  • Fun gifts or trinkets that are in the graduate’s taste

These are just a few ideas, and whatever you decide to get for your graduate will be appreciated. 

Graduation is a joyous celebration and graduates are celebrating their accomplishments themselves too. Some fun trends to watch out for at your graduate’s graduation are:

  • Cap decorations – everything from rhinestones and flowers to sweet messages, political statements, and goofy props
  • For the ladies, statement shoes. Since the shoes are the only part of your outfit that can be seen under the gown, they’ve got to be bold.
  • Hugging the dean or college president as they receive their diplomas. This occasion deserves more than a handshake!

However you celebrate, make sure to give the graduate in your life a joyful congratulation and lots of support as they make their transition into the “real world.”