Favorite Summer Dining Experience

by Whitney Frykman, Tastemaker in Residence

My most memorable summer dining experience took place on the grounds of a farm, surrounded by cows & chickens, 2 hours away from home with 300 people I did not know. The first Tuesday of every month A to Z produce and bakery, a farm in the small town of Stockholm, Wisconsin hosts the now famous “Pizza Night”. Midwesterners abound, and flock to this farm starting at 4pm; with picnic bags full of sides and beverages, ready to indulge in one-of-a-kind farm to table pizza fare.

As we approached Stockholm on our map app after a long drive out of the muggy Twin Cities one summer night, we were certain we were lost until we saw trails of cars lining the farm almost a mile out. We found a spot near the Pizza Bar and laid out our blankets, chips, and wine. We strolled up to the barn to check out the offerings. There were a handful of different types of pizza on the menu.

Everything on the pies was 100% produced by A to Z; from the dough, to the cheese, the vegetables, and even the sausage.

We ordered two pizzas to split, and enjoyed the beautiful summer sky while we waited on our feast. Toppings included sun-dried tomato, whole milk mozzarella, and fennel sausage. 

After our meal we ventured further into the farm enjoying the Midwestern sun-set, reminiscing on our enjoyable meal in this unique space.

It is amazing how engrossed in conversation, in touch with nature, and in forgetfulness of our work place one can get while at the “table” surrounded by nature; yet only a few hours from the busy mid-week city life!