When Cake and Crepes Collide at The Naples Farmer's Market

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®


The last day of the "winter vendors" at the Naples Farmer's Market was Saturday. What I didn't know is that next weekend on Saturday May 3rd, the "summer vendors" bring more color to the 3rd Street Market. 

Right now my husband and I are eating fish, fruits and vegetables and less of everything else. So the bounty included tidbits like white eggplant and the tastiest beets to cantaloupe that filled the car and screamed I am ready to eat. This was my first place encounter. Until... 

Fruits and veges took 2nd place that particular morning because two of the people in our foursome were craving crepes. They not only found crepes but we embraced a face to face culturally rich food experience. These delicious people and table experiences just might transform your table into the grand experience eating can become, when you visit your local farmer's market.

Meet Irene and her process for making a breakfast crepe. Next up Chocolate Crepes; I heard they were amazing. I resisted on Saturday, but I will indulge on another Saturday morning on 3rd Street.


Irene shares her French heritage via a map that outlines the culinary and cultural experiences. 


We missed last call for iced tea at the booth for Tony's on 3rd. Good news, you can walk across the street and order tea and cake or coffee and pastries. This amazing cake is the first from this weeks parade of cakes. Enjoy!

Wedding or celebration cake #2 from Tony's on 3rd Street. 

Wedding or celebration cake #2 from Tony's on 3rd Street.