Good Days and Good Fridays

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®


Happy Good Friday and welcome to my little corner! I begin everyday snug in this rocker, with a giant cup of coffee sitting on the mid-century warmer, no I didn't buy it back then.

Sometimes I am more awake than others but no matter what I meditate, read or study. But mostly I try to quiet myself and listen to what God prefers I tackle during this day. The days I miss it are inefficient and not as calm.

I always discover one thing, no matter how I feel when I sit down, when I leave this special spot, I am refreshed, renewed and most importantly I have fed a relationship that always provides a better window to the world around me than anything I could remotely come up with on my own. 

Each Tastemaker in Residence, follower and partner who sits around our spirited table, is on their own path, of their own making. The diversity and uniqueness of each one is what we offer to you, our readers. 

Good Friday narratives abound. I think this one explains the key elements. 

The crucifixion occurred as a culmination of a number of events in the Holy Week, including the triumphal entry of Jesus to Jerusalem riding a donkey on Palm Sunday and the washing of the disciples' feet and the last supper observed on Maundy Thursday.

The term 'Good Friday' may sound strange to many people considering what had actually happened on that day. Many wouldn't believe that the day Jesus was crucified should be called 'Good', but there are theories explaining how it possibly started.

One school of thought theorizes that Good Friday stems from the words "God's Friday", while others think that the word 'good' would simply be interpreted as something that is "observed as holy".

This event undeniably changed the course of history.

For me it centers around a relationship of the heart. The ultimate sacrifice of love.