Alfredo Sauce Worth Drowning In

by Becca Matheson, Tastemaker in Residence

I’ve certainly had my fair share of good food. From amazing home cooked meals to delicious eating experiences abroad, I’d say that picking a favorite should be harder than picking a favorite movie or song. It usually ends up as a long list with a group at the top instead of one particular selection. 

It is with great excitement that I realize that I do have a specific food experience that tops the charts and that I get to relive as often as I want (exercise permitting), since the magic takes place at a little family owned Italian restaurant that I just discovered right around the block! 

At the Adriatic café and Italian grill in Houston, TX, flavor is an art form. The meal begins with garlic knots - but these aren’t just any garlic knots, they’re made out of fresh, soft pretzel dough. For 5 times the experience, I like to get the garlic-basil-olive oil sauce to dip them in. It really might be worth dying for. I want to drink it with a straw! 

As amazing as that is on its own, that’s not even the best part. The best part is their alfredo sauce. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… If I could choose the way I’d leave this world, it would be by drowning in this sauce. The texture, the flavor, the smell… everything about this sauce is pure, creamy, flavorful heaven. Pour it over a plateful of tortellini and chicken and you’ve got perfection itself. It’s the richest most delightful thing I’ve ever eaten and the experience will have me going back again and again. If you want to taste liquid gold, you’ve got to try this sauce!