Building Community One Easter Egg Hunt & Brunch At A Time

by Heather Durenberger, Tastemaker in Residence


A theme of the Spirited Table is the power of hospitality in building relationships and community. I cannot think of a better example of this than the Cederberg’s Easter Egg Hunt and Brunch.   What began 25 years ago as a gathering of neighbor’s children, now has become a gathering for neighbor’s grandchildren.  Everyone brings a dish to share and no one leaves without a full tummy and a joy filled heart.  The friendship and energy you experience at this gathering is palpable. 


Creating an experience where friends and strangers gather and get to know one another and feel welcomed, is truly a gift in our world today.  Feeling like you matter and you will be missed if you don’t attend is one of the greatest gifts of hospitality.  Connecting with others face to face and building community is an outcome of hospitality.  I encourage you to try it.  

Make time to invite others to your apartment, your home, the local coffee shop or a backyard campfire ring.  Whether you gather around china plates or papers plates or a mixture of both is not the point.  The gathering need not be fancy or expensive. What really matters is you make the time to invite your neighbors and friends and you get to know them.  


So invite friends and neighbors.  Break bread with them, roast marshmallows or hunt for Easter Eggs.  Begin to build relationships with one neighbor, one friend at a time.  This is what being human is all about – connecting and getting to know one another.  

This spring, be it Easter, May Day, a new soccer team kick off or spring cleaning on your block.  Find an opportunity to gather and spend time together in meaningful ways.  The Spirited Table provides lots of ideas on how to make your gathering fun and feasible.  Just ask the Cederberg’s neighbors. They will tell you about the spirit of the neighborhood and the deep connections they have built.  

I am grateful for those who continue to share the gift of hospitality and model for the next generation.