Moving In Celebration

by Whitney Frykman, Tastemaker in Residence


“Bloom Where You Are Planted” –Mary Englebreit
Moving to a new city brings fresh beginnings, upcoming friendships, and adopting unique cultures. To celebrate a new transplant to the Twin Cities I co-hosted a housewarming party; by mixing up the food and beverages to center around all of the various locations that brought him to this city and point in life.

We planned the menu around his most beloved regional fare: Cincinnati’s notorious Skyline Chili Dip, California served up guacamole and Kona beers, Georgia cooked forth pulled pork sliders, London offered Pimm’s and Lemonade, and Minnesota, the new home, featured the ever popular pickle roll-ups and Sweet Martha’s Cookies. The table décor included a state/country flag along with the food or drink pairing.

While the table set a hodgepodge of items and tastes, the conversation never dulled! Each dish brought forth a story allowing the party guests to connect with the food and one another alike! 

This theme could easily apply to more than a moving-in celebration. Host a meal and ask each guest to bring the specialty of their hometown. This will enable the diners to showcase an item from their childhood, and allow the party to extend beyond where the table is currently “planted.”