Funky Valentine Tabletop Tips

by Cindi Sutter, Founder & Editor of The Spirited Table

Happy Valentine's Week! 

Wicker hearts, crystal, plastic, pigs on skate boards, cardboard hearts, china, champagne flutes of all sorts can ABSOLUTELY be paired together in any way you choose. 

Let's begin with the pieces used in the table settings below. 

  1. 1. The red heart floral foam or Oasis, sits in a plastic heart, so you can water it. Obviously I kicked off the arrangement for you with some spray roses; now you can add the rest. Actually I think it is a fun twist to let the red oasis show; your call. The red hearts are on a long wire and serve many purposes (these have been re-used for many Valentine dinners.)
  2. I used a small kitchen towel for the napkin.
  3. The card board hearts, pig on a skateboard (some assembly required) and paper boxes came from Oriental Trading, but you can find similar pieces in a variety of stores. 
  4. I love mixing old with new. The heart shaped candles sit inside an aluminum coaster from the 50's; no, I didn't buy it then, they were my grandmothers. 

Using the same pieces above, let's start with the plastic flutes and plates and add some wicker hearts for decoration. I love the plastic wine glasses and the wicker bags with a surprise inside. 


Now let's use them separately for a buffet or a more intimate setting. 


This lends new meaning to "Red Solo Cup." Found on in a variety of colors. 


Red plastic champagne flutes paired with red mini trays for appetizers are perfect for carrying around the table. 


Antique "White Milk" glasses and plates go with everything & can be found at antique markets. I am sure Neal Kielar at midmodmen can find you some as well. 

Same idea, different table. 


Bridget Levin's Valentine Escapade is tailored made for this setting. The heart shaped post-it note provides the perfect love note and Champagne and Strawberries top it off.


Re-using certain elements reminds us of years of love and laughter. Make up your own versions, share them with us and pass it on...