You Gotta Help Me...

by Mark TronsonTastemaker in Residence

I run a small gourmet grocery and wine store in Montana and am in need of some help - I am offering a new service here at wines by wednesday but just not sure how to price it - I didn't charge for this last week when it happened but I'm thinking its pretty damn valuable ...
had a guy stop in and say 
"Mark, you gotta help me" 
"sure" I said - "what's up"
"I invited a girl over to my house tonight - told her I'd cook and grab a wine - I don't know how to do that - what are we gonna do?"
thought the term "we" was interesting - what "we" did was walk around the store - grabbed a little triple cream brie and pan forte crostini's for an app, threw a bag of saffron orzo  and very thinly sliced prosciutto in his bag - told him to stop by and pick up a couple of chicken breasts and marinate them in the rosemary olive oil I sold him - told him to grill them quickly then wrap them in the prosciutto  - gave him detailed instructions on how to prepare the orzo and baking instructions - picked out a beautiful Spanish white wine and sent a Vosges Blood Orange Caramel Bar along for dessert
next day a text came through:
"except for the chicken being a little too dry dinner turned out great!"
I texted "nice job - you know chicks dig a guy who can cook"
“I found that out”