Winter Menu Make-Over

by Kimberley ThompsonTastemaker in Residence

Winter in Minnesota tends to make me a more creative cook...the weather can nix a trip to the grocery store when I suddenly develop a cooking urge. Hurdling snow drifts, with or without bags of groceries, blizzard conditions and negative temps make me thoughtfully eye the pantry for substitutes.

And that is where I sit today. The pantry. Craving the ultimate winter comfort food: dumplings. 

But I do not have any stew meat on hand; fresh or frozen. And frankly, I want something lighter. Plus I am dreaming of tomatoes; the summer ones I have frozen in bags with garlic, onions and basil in chicken stock.

So I attempted a riff on a dumpling I had at Felidia's in NYC several years back.

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