Catering Trends for Weddings, 2014

by Bridget LevinTastemaker in Residence

Wondering what’s hot in the world of weddings this year?

Let’s just concentrate on food & fun, shall we?

The biggest change is from seated dinners to interactive food stations that get your guests on their feet-food as entertainment, most likely influenced by all of the cooking shows on TV.  

Circulating from food bar to food bar makes for a less stilted and much more fun event for everybody.

Here are some of the favorites caterers are being asked to provide:
Make your own omelets
Gourmet popcorn
Oyster shucking
Guac on the spot
Wine or beer flights that tie into a meaningful time or place (college, home town)
Gelato & fresh toppings
World tour of food; pick a country or region
Cupcake decorating

Other big day ideas that break the mold include:
Indoor food trucks
Brunch for daytime weddings
Food themes that the bride and groom love (bacon everything, totally truffled, etc.)
Anything but the cake (homemade pies, ice cream sundaes, fancy cookies, etc.)
Late night menus after the reception (local sodas & mini sliders, breakfast)
Not just local, but real (share the food producer stories-farmer, vintner, cheese making, etc.)
Spice it up (guests love to add their own level of heat)
Unique flavor pairings (coconut lime, dark chocolate and parmesan)
Mini anything
Edible centerpieces
Family-style dining
Childhood favorites all grown up (gruyere waffled grilled cheese, truffled mini mac & cheese shooter)

Now wedding foods could be something your guests actually look forward to!