Mike's Top Ten Thanksgiving Time Saving Tips

by Mike Moore, Tastemaker in Residence

When it comes to Thanksgiving, I look for a corner to cut whenever possible. And yes, it is possible to cut corners without cutting taste.

  1. Shop at night when others are not.
  2. Start set up and cooking by 6:00 AM.
  3. Turn on your favorite music, parade or cooking show on to keep you moving. I use the parade as a tool to know where I should be, timing wise.
  4. Sharpen your carving knife before you start cooking.
  5. Write down your game plan from sides to leftovers.
  6. Get your serving items in place two days prior.
  7. Roasted roots rule when it comes to easy and tasty sides. Peel and prep carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, fennel, parsnips and roast with olive oil, kosher salt and pepper.
  8. Chill the wine and beer outside early in the AM so you have more room in the refrigerator. (this is obviously easier in certain climates)
  9. If you want to have stock for soup later, keep a pot on the stove all day and dump as you go! This way you will not have do it later and create another mess.
  10. After dinner use leftovers right away and make Turkey Pot Pies for freezing.  Frozen pie shells filled with a 3 tablespoons of butter, sprinkle with flour, dash of salt and whatever moves you. Freeze, forget until January! You will love them on a cold night and you will have more room in your refrigerator.

Walk away from the kitchen and relax!