Add a Little Easy to Your Thanksgiving Entertainment

by Bridget LevinTastemaker in Residence

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year - four long days to enjoy family and friends. But it can take weeks to prepare for the feast and festivities. So I’ve learned a few tricks to make things a little easier on the host.

Consider renting tables, chairs, linens (and even china, flatware and glassware that just needs to be rinsed and popped back in their crates!).

Then you can concentrate on setting a beautiful table, starting with flower arrangements delivered to your door - the perfect thing to request from guests who ask, what can I bring?

How about a turkey that is already cooked and ready to serve?
Is your own really that much better?
Now you can focus on smashing side dishes!

And for the finishing touch? Ask your local bakery to use your pie plates to bake your family favorites.

Easy as pie!