Writing Your Wedding Vows

by Heather DurenbergerTastemaker in Residence

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As my then fiancé and I prepared for our wedding nearly 15 years ago, my father who was also our pastor really encouraged us to write our own wedding vows.  With all the preparations underway for an out of state wedding, we were skeptical not to mention intimidated.  My dad really encouraged us to take the time to put to paper what we were feeling for each other and why we were committing our lives to one another.  To this day, I am so thankful and cherish the wedding vows we wrote for each other.

After the wedding, I had them framed with a panoramic photo of the wedding.  I cannot tell you how many times I walk up to the wall where they are framed and just stand before our vows.  In good times and tricky times, those vows take me back to the amazing gift of love that God has given to my husband and I.  If you know of a bride or groom soon to head down the aisle, encourage them to write their own vows.  It is an exercise and testimony that they will cherish throughout their married years.