Wedding Ideas

by Becca Matheson, Tastemaker in Residence

There are so many fun new wedding trends popping up right now. To name a few, there are barn weddings, artistic post card save-the-dates, and one of my personal favorites, throwing fun and creative things instead of rice when the happy newlyweds finally call it a night. 

My two favorite options are glitter and rainbow sprinkles. Not only is it whimsical and fun, it makes for fabulous pictures. Aside from those two, there are many options that creative brides are coming up with. Some of those are throwing confetti, blowing bubbles, throwing flower petals, and the ever popular idea of holding sparklers instead of throwing anything. All of these options are great for the birds too, since rice is so dangerous for them to eat. 

There are some drawbacks to these options though. Glitter is likely to get everywhere and stay, but it’s so pretty in the pictures while it shimmers through the air in congratulatory sparkles. The rainbow sprinkles are a really fun choice that brighten up all the photos. But make sure you don’t have any stuck to your clothes when you sit down, since it’s possible the color will smoosh into your outfit. Worth it. Confetti and flower petals make a difficult mess to clean up but can also be really fun and bright and won’t mess up anyone’s outfit. And sparklers, they’re fabulous in nighttime photos. They add a really cool effect and you can even do the slow exposure to make them look like designs. The drawback to that one could have larger consequences, though, since hundreds of people holding sparklers can be quite a fire hazard. 

So many brides are coming up with cute ideas like these and it really adds a personal touch and creates even more fun memories which are captured in vivid photographs of that special day. Brides, it’s worth the drawbacks if it makes your day extra special for you. So go out there and get creative with whatever you choose to have thrown at you on your big day. Those photographs are forever.