Tulips Naturally-Recipe for Design

By Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

A Trans-Seasonal design that takes us from autumn through winter to the surprises of spring. 


Knife/Oriental sheer

Knife sharpener

Small shovel or spoon

Ingredients - Supplies:

Square glass container or ceramic 8x8

Soil—3 cups

1/3 block of floral foam (Oasis)

Bind-wire—small wire with raffia wrap or any small brown wire

Water with flower food


4 bulbs

6 tulip flowers

Assorted branches:

Smaller twigs—3 to 4 branches for 1” of fence

Small autumn colored leaves (or seasonal preference)

Small Dried berries or small pods

1 aspidistra leaf (long green leaf)

Image 13.jpg



  1. Wash, rinse and dry container. (Containers hold bacteria if they are not thoroughly washed after each use; therefore the arrangement does not last as long). 
  2. Cut 1/3 block of foam & soak in fresh clean water with flower food
  3. Position wet foam in the center of the container
  4. Cut Aspidistra leaf in three random sections, lay one section on the inside of container facing out to see the leaf. Place another third on it’s side, low in the container. Fill in with last third as needed. 
  5. Gently place soil around the wet foam, keeping some of the leaves visible.
  6. Branch fence - (See footnotes below)*1
  7. Lay branch fence across the soil, over the edge of the container, be            creative. There is no special way.
  8. Dig a small shallow hole in the soil, for each bulb. Place tulip bulbs with the point up at random throughout the soil.Cover the bottom/root system. Lay the bulbs at various angles and natural positions.
  9. Dig an opening for the fresh tulip, make a pilot hole in the foam in the center of the soil, cut the tulip, insert into the foam. Repeat using various angles. Remember tulips continue to grow when they are cut and will dance to the light.
  10. Scatter some dried leaves around the top and sides of the glass.
  11. Cut small pieces of green leaves and dried pods or berries
  12. Scatter torn branches on the top
  13. Bringing the design into Easter theme add eggs, or seasonal decorative accents.
  14. Keep the foam wet for the tulips

*1 Branch Fence Footnotes

  • Tear/rough cut small branches irregular lengths. One inch of branch fence takes 3 to 4 branches. Use as many as you like
  • Cut Bind-wire in 12 inch lengths, fold in half.
  • Place the center of the wire around one branch close to the branch, twist both ends together tight around the stick. Repeat. If you run out of wire, cut the end off, continue there. Twist tight at the end, conceal the end.
  • In this design there are two rows of wire, the branches are 5” to 7” long, in proportion to the container.