5 reasons for a once a month date

by Kiki Rosatti, Tastemaker in Residence

Taking your spouse on a date once a month sounds exciting, fun and well, healthy.  To be perfectly honest, as parents of a 10-year-old, I have failed miserably in this department from day one.  I have many excuses, and all of them are good, reasonable and sound.  But if I were true to my beliefs, here are five reasons for taking your husband on a date once a month:

 1.  I believe the greatest gift you can give your children is a solid relationship with your spouse.  It not only provides them with a good example of what a partnership is all about, it places a priority on the relationship between you and your spouse.

 2.  Taking the initiative to ask your husband out on a date, is an unexpected twist…and is a good example of your commitment to spending quality time together.

 3.  You choose the date, time and place so they can just enjoy. 

  4.  Keep the date and location a surprise, so it gives you both something to look forward to once a month. 

  5.  Since you made the ask, he has to pay!  A true partnership.  The sky is the limit - be creative!