Going Through the Fire

by Tania Staps, Tastemaker in Residence


Recently, I had a dear friend go through a horrific tragedy. She and her granddaughter literally escaped with their lives in a house fire. They lost everything! Everything! It was a sobering phone call to receive, and all I could think about and Give Praise for; is the fact that they made it out! She received some minor burns, but the fact that the house was engulfed in flames, making it out alive was simply a miracle. She said to me that she felt that something was leading them to safety, and I replied, "I have no doubt that you are right; something Did lead you to safety!"  

How many times have we all gone through many different fires in our lives? Whether it be a literal fire or just a very hard time that seems like it will never end or you think to yourself...where is the preverbal "light at the end of the tunnel"? We have All been there!  

I believe it is how you react when you are going through the fire determines the result of what life looks like on the other side.  Many times fire comes to purify. It is a proven fact that many beautiful gem stones have to be put through the fire to reveal their stunning beauty. Mentioned even in the Bible (see Zechariah 13:9), refining by fire is the preferable method for large quantities of gold. All the impurities are skimmed off of the top, then you are left with pure gold that can be molded into anything. This spoke to me as I realized all the fires I have been through in my life. How each time God was able to skim off more impurities, and I became “moldable.”  How each time He gently led me out even when I was engulfed in the fire, the pain, and the great fear of it all!  Not even knowing IF I would make it out.  I did! He and only He has brought me out.  

My Heart goes out for anyone out there who Is going through a fire or has come out of one not knowing who they are or why it happened. I have a Word of Hope for you. Where there is still Breath there is hope! I believe God has a plan for each one of us! If you are still here, there is a reason! What God purposed for you to do on this Earth for Him, only You can do! Houses can be rebuilt, cars can be repurchased, new pictures can be taken, but there is only one you!  

The next breath you take, really breathe it in, and KNOW - TODAY IS A NEW DAY! A New day to dream, and new day to look around and believe. All things are possible to those who Believe!

My friend that went through that horrific fire is the most amazing "gem" I know! When this pain is past her, and she is able to rebuild; I know she will Sparkle!