A Foodie's Heart On New Year's Eve

by Kimberley Thompson, Tastemaker in Residence


I am a dedicated "foodie" with a problem. I blog about food, restaurants, farmers markets, taste memories and pleasures; but I cannot get my mind wrapped around New Year's Eve this year.

There seems to be an unwritten rule that one MUST make New Year's Eve "Rock" with festivities...food...glitter...glam...drink...Auld Lang Syne off key...a count down that makes NASA amateur...and people...either in pairs or crowds.

Well, after 55 years on this "blue earth" I choose not to celebrate the eve in the above manner this year. And, no, I am not an antisocial curmudgeon who dislikes people, parties, food or drink. I adore traditions with all their important relevance to my life. But this year seems different to me; my heart is in another place.

(I have several thoughts whirling at the fringes of conscious thought, and I want to examine them before they slip away due to distraction, tiredness or inattentiveness.)

CHOICES:  I plan to carefully go through my calendar to review the moments; that did not seem like much by themselves. They were the moments when I recognized I had a choice to make, that I had the freewill of deciding and that I carefully and with attention, did make my choices and not let another person make it for me. That I weighed my decisions with my full mind and open heart for what they were, not what I wished them to be.

HONOR:  I need to honor those who impacted my life, those who straightened my course,those who lent a stronger shoulder than I could provide myself. I thank the Lord for those who taught me to stand my ground when my internal alarms sounded "FLEE!" I plan to celebrate the oft times convoluted pathways interwove with mine at just the right time. 

THANKFULNESS:  Yes, I know there is a "day" for thankfulness, but I believe there is more examination to be done at the close of the year than there is on the 4th Thursday in November. Thankful for earthly bounty. Grateful for another 365 days of still having my Mom in defiance of her memory loss. Blessed by friends who have been steadfast through all of my life's highs and lows. Appreciative of my fortune that I actually adore my career and clients; and thankful to be aware that some days are NOT adorable despite all my best efforts. Indebted to my role models, both living and dead; who refused to stop loving me when I was unlovable. Who lifted me when my heart was laden. Who challenged me when I wanted nothing more than to retreat.

INTENTS:  In looking back, I am struck by the fact that intents are not a guarantee of communication. Perception is the crucible for intentions. It is not my messages with MY intents that makes for successful communication. It is how OTHERS' perception of my messages impacts and interprets my words/actions.

PRAYERS:  Prayers that should have been voiced to God, but in my willfulness, were not given breath. Petitions given up to God, and in His Greatness, were answered. Prayers to lay down the burdens followed by prayers to trust God to pick up those burdens instead of me. Prayers for our world, our leaders and all peoples. Prayers to lift, comfort and cradle in God's Almighty Hands.

So tonight, I plan on being snug inside, Watson sleeping on my feet, and reviewing my life in 2014. No distractions. No party preparations. No "glamming." 

Just honest, grateful contemplation before Father Time wipes the slate of 2014...