Menorah Floral Recipe

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence


Ribbon scissor
Knife for foam
Knife or oriental sheer to design

Oblong container sized to set your Menorah in with room at each side for flowers
Floral foam to fit in the container
Anchor tape
Flower food

5 stems salal
4 stems variegated pittosporum
6 stems larkspur
6 roses
8 ranunculus
3 hydrangea
4 stems blue thistle


  1. Clean and dry the container. Polish your Menorah.  
  2. Cut & shape floral foam to set in the container; soak with fresh clean water with flower food.
  3. Place foam in the container, Menorah on the foam, secure with anchor tape.
  4. Cover foam with foliage.
  5. Insert larkspur to the long sides and the shorter sides, place roses in to desired places.
  6. Insert the ranunculus in and around the other flowers with a bit longer stem.
  7. Cut thistle stem into smaller stems & place around the design adding texture and delightful color.
  8. Place your candles then set in the desired place for the family to see and celebrate.
  9. Check water daily, make sure the flowers have water to drink. Your design will last longer.

Wishing you all a joyful celebration!