Star Light, Star Bright

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence


1  8” round container
1  Block of floral foam
1  Anchor tape
6-10  Branches
1  Star
6  Stems of glitter perm botanicals or fresh berry
5  Small pine cones
1  Acolyte LED candle


2  Stems of winter greens (in photo, 1 pine and 1 cedar)
2  Stems of white spray chrysanthemums
3  Stems hydrangea


  1. Clean container, rinse and dry
  2. Cut the floral foam in half
  3. Soak the floral foam in warm water with advised amount of floral food until the foam turns a darker color. Do not push foam in the water, but allow it to fill by floating for better design results. 
  4. Remove foam from water; place foam block in container
  5. Secure foam into container with waterproof anchor tape
  6. Add fresh clean water with floral food to fill container
  7. Set LED light and the star in the center on top of block
  8. Lay 4 short pieces of cedar green across the top of the foam
  9. Cut branches at an angle, insert in the center of the taller foam in a 4” circle at random. Some shorter, some taller, depending on the final display area.
  10. Insert winter greens around the edge of the container, up around the sides
  11. Insert hydrangeas deep into the foam around the sides on top of the winter greens
  12. Cut and insert the chrysanthemums in and around the base flowers
  13. Add fresh or permanent botanical berries and small pine cones
  14. Cover the foam in the center with colored or clear marbles, colored stones or water beads