Lady Love Bug - Vintage

by Kimberley ThompsonTastemaker in Residence

"In her professional life, Kimberley is a jeweler specializing in estate and custom jewelry at JB Hudson Jewelers in Minneapolis,  Mn.

She loves jewelry that "speaks" a message.

Are you looking for a more "individual"  piece of jewelry for your sweet heart's stocking? Less run of the mill? Take a look at this vintage beauty!

Cheerful red hearts on this "Lady Love Bug" brooch from the 1970's contrast with the creamy white enamel and rich 18kt yellow gold body. 

Beautifully made in Italy, this diminutive bug measures just 3/4ths of an inch in size with a spin safety for secure wearing. 

Easy to perch on a collar, lapel or pocket:  even more whimsical on the back of a wrist or in a group cascading down a shoulder. $800.00.

Estate and vintage jewelry: always one of my favorite "go tos" for any occasion. 

Email me to inquire or purchase.