Whimsical Owl Earrings

by Kimberley Thompson, Tastemaker in Residence

"In her professional life, Kimberley is a jeweler specializing in estate and custom jewelry at JB Hudson Jewelers in Minneapolis,  Mn.

She loves jewelry that "speaks" a message.

One of my top choices for a perfect holiday gift or jewelry treat is this whimsical pair of petite owl earrings in rich 18ct yellow gold ready to sit on the ear lobe and whisper sweet words of wisdom!

Symbol of the Greek goddess Athena, the owl was her mascot and stood for wisdom, knowledge and erudition. 

In the Native American culture, owls were seen as silent sentinels between this world and the spirit world. Due to their hyper hearing and incredible vision, owls seem to know what is happening before it happens.

Designed and hand fabricated by the talented team at Patrick Mohs:  a husband and wife team who do 100% in house design, fabrication, setting and hand finishing at their lovely Minnesota studio. 

Mary Kay Mohs is the youthful visionary who sketches each piece of jewelry before creating a 3-D computer model to perfect scale. Patrick, her husband, supplies the talent to make her designs emerge from the theoretical to the physical utilizing his skills of a Master Goldsmith. All aspects of their stunning jewelry:  the vacuum cast, stones setting and metal polishing is done by Patrick.

Solid 18kt yellow gold. Friction backs and posts. Retail of 695.00.

So whether for your lobes or another's; these little harbingers of wisdom make the gifting extra special. Email me at kthompson@jbhudson.com to inquire or purchase.