Cinnamon Brooms

by Cindi SutterFounder of The Spirited Table®

Cinnamon brooms aren't for cleaning. Surprisingly they have become my sweeping way of decorating table tops. I bought my first one last year, and as you can see from Version #1 in the photo above, it has lasted beautifully. 

So this year, I drew inspiration from these simple little brooms and purchased 3 at Trader Joes. The cinnamon fragrance makes a festive meal even better.

Here are the dramatically different ways I found to use the broom. Create your version and share it with us on Facebook or Pinterest.  Have some bewitching fun!

These photos of my kitchen counter version provide a simple template for using the broom as the  mechanics i.e. the way to keep the arrangement secure for a long time. 

Version #3 - Use any artificial or real flowers. In this case I just used 2 artificial flowers and the broom.

Version #4 - I cut dried hydrangeas (a bit too late) from my yard and stuck them in the base of the broom to hold them in place. 

Get the kids involved and have a broom arranging tabletop design party with family and friends. This could be a very fun way to celebrate your Thanksgiving table!