You Know You're Around A Spirited Table When...

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®

Just in case you haven't heard, is ONE YEAR OLD; thanks to you! So it only seemed right to share 10 favorites. 

My number one goal when I set a picnic table or Christmas dinner is hospitality; I want the people around the table to feel special. A burger bar on the deck outdoors, can be just as charming as the china-crystal version. Well maybe for most of you, but today we're covered in snow, so I'll bring the outside table in, literally.

For me the secret sassy table sauce makes an appearance when the heirloom traditional look meets the newbie version full of pop and sizzle.

Each of you have your own version of those moments; but since this is a look back at our last year, here are a few of your favs.