Boots On & Thumbs Up

by Becca Matheson, Tastemaker in Residence

Tailgating is more than just a fun weekend for some people, it's a way of life. The food is carefully planned out from week to week, with beef and chicken sitting in marinades for days before it finally gets kissed by the flaming grill. Tailgates are the perfect place for friends and family to gather together to celebrate and root on their beloved teams as well as a great place to brush up on grilling techniques and BBQ sauces. There's no better way to chow down on brisket than with a cold beer in one hand, completely decked out in maroon, surrounded by hundreds to thousands of other people doing the same thing, while cheering on your fightin' Texas Aggie football team! Can I get a "Whoop!"? 

On top of all the glorious beer and BBQ, there's always delicious favorites like homemade chex mix, chips and dip, cookies, and because I can't say it enough... ice cold beer. 

Tailgators' bust out more than just some of the best BBQ and snacks around though, they also come toting tents, games like washers and beer pong, and school spirit in droves. Tailgates are for all ages, from the newest additions of the tailgate family to the grand and great grandparents. It's a family friendly environment and it brings joy to every home-game week (or even away-game weeks, if you're the traveling type). 

So get out there with your boots on, eat till you're stuffed, and enjoy a good ol' Aggie time as our boys BTHO whoever it is they happen to be playing! Thanks and gig'em. 

(For you non-Aggie readers; BTHO = beat the hell out of)