Setting, Writing, Remembering & Celebrating Goals

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence


Setting a goal is great; but if it is not written down it is a wish, an idea, a wisp of wind that can be blown away.

Writing a goal is placing it in the front of your mind.

Remember to set goals.

Remember to CELEBRATE when you reach your goal, your achievements. Many of us reach a goal and go right to another to another. Stop, celebrate, see you have reached a step, achieved a goal, large and small. Write how you feel, it will serve as positive reinforcement to your future successes.
There are 5 categories in which I set goals:                                                                                                                              Example: Within each there are sub categories. I break them into achievable sections

A. Personal:
1. Brush my teeth three times a day
2. Keep my bedroom neat
3. See my grandson
     a. Visit North Carolina
         1. March
         2. August
     b. Skype every week
Always, Ardith
Create Peace