Recipe for Design-Limitless Possibilities

by Ardith Beveridge, Tastemaker in Residence

This unexpected and informal arrangement provides texture and colors that find their home in nature. The brilliant Heather sprays form the center, encircled with silver gray summer cypress or Kochia. Pinkish lavender Wax Flowers, provide a full and lovely base while Salal (lemon leaf) foliage set the anchor.

This classic white ceramic vase provides design elements for a more formal setting. Use the metal bucket for an architectural, industrial, modern feel. The white concrete container for a quiet canvas bold presentation while the green takes a backseat to the lovely organic natural expression.

Recipe for Unlimited Design Possibilities


Sharp knife or Oriental sheers

Floral Foam knife

Knife Sharpener

Floral Stripper




1 watertight container-4” to 6” opening (chose container according to where it will be displayed)

Clean warm water with flower food 

1/3 of a block of green floral foam (cut with knife)

12” ¼” green Waterproof Anchor Tape



Fresh Product:

Salal/Lemon leaf—2 stems

Heather ---6 stems

Kochia---8 stems



  1. Sharpen your tools
  2. Wash, rinse well and dry container
  3. Cut foam to 1/3 block, shape to the container
  4. Provide warm water in a clean sink or bucket with enough flower food and  enough water for the floral foam to soak to the bottom.
  5. Place foam into water to free float.
  6. When foam is saturated, remove, insert into the container.
  7. Secure in the container with ¼” green Waterproof anchor tape, avoiding the center of the foam.
  8. Add fresh clean water with flower food ¾ of the way full. Keep this level through all steps and to the final display area.
  9. Cut lemon leaf (Salal) stems, place around the top of the container, bottom of the foam, this is called Basing.
  10. Cut and clean the stems of the heather.
  11. Trace a 2” circle in the top center of the foam for a pattern
  12. Place Heather, in a radial pattern in that center like a small fountain; think of the Heather as the water, light, not stuffed or formal; covering the foam in that circle.
  13. Place the stems of Kochia in a circle around the Heather; again random, different lengths not as long or longer than the heather, covering the foam in that area.
  14. Cut and clean the stems of the Wax Flower, above the Salal and under the Kochia random, loose, covering the foam in that circle.
  15. Add as needed to cover all foam that might be showing
  16. Add Valentine hearts, Sweetheart Roses, ribbons, decorative accents for this holiday or every day.
  17. Water daily and enjoy your creation.