A Valentine from a Swedish Mom

by Kiki Rosatti, Tastemaker in Residence

When you're the mom of a child in elementary school, Valentine’s Day becomes more kid focused. Christmas decor is abundant in our house, so I look for opportunities to repurpose the RED for Valentine's decor. 

Our Swedish window candlelabras get stripped of their little individual wreaths. But they look great in the windows against the red window curtains. Since we live in Minnesota, the added warmth these candelabras bring to our home in February is very welcoming. 

When it comes to our table, we've incorporated our daughter's works of art.  

We created placemats using outlines of her hands to make hearts. We personalize them so they are their own laminated place card.

This allows us to not only honor her work, but have a festive table as well. It's fun each year to see how much her hands have grown! 

I also use my beautifully carved red Swedish napkin holders, of course in the shape of a heart, stuffed with red and white checkered napkins to add to the festive table setting.

Glad alla hjärtans dag = Happy Valentines Day