Roomie Dinners

by Becca Matheson, Tastemaker in Residence

When living with roommates it can sometimes feel like you only see each other in passing. Having bi-weekly (every other week) dinner plans can keep you up to date on what’s new with each other and keep you close and on the same page when things get busy. 


Roommate dinner was such a fun and important part of my home life when I shared my home with 3 other very busy girls. We would pick a fun recipe that we found on Pinterest, from a cookbook, or a recommendation. We would go to the store together and split the cost of the ingredients. 

The cooking is a blast, though the kitchen is full (and usually a huge mess). Each roomie gets a task or two and sticks with it. We always tried to spice it up with fun drinks to really kick the dinner off. You can expect it to be a messier experience than cooking just for yourself, but it certainly is memorable! 

Once the cooking is completed and the meal is ready we would have the table set nicely and all enjoy a home cooked meal catching up with each other and enjoying the people we shared our lives with. It’s easy to forget to take time and just talk to each other when life gets busy, and that’s why roommate dinner was such an important and fun thing to share with each other. It was rarely an imposition in our lives and made for some really cherished and delicious meals. Even the clean up afterwards was fun.

Remember to take the time to sit down and just enjoy the company of your friends and family. Sharing a meal is one of the best ways to do that!