Football Friendly Hostess Gifts

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table

I love finding hostess gifts. It's the ultimate challenge that I gladly embrace. My biggest secret? I buy them all year and stash them in a closet or drawer. Now that does mean you have to remember what closet or drawer you put them in, but just find a spot and that's your go to stash. Wrapping is for another blog post, but this can go in a cute bag or tissue paper; or just tie a great ribbon around it and you are done. Don't forget to put a tag on it so they know who it is from; they do want to know because they want to thank-you!

Headed to a Playoff Weekend Party? You mean you don't want the same hands that are diving into the Cheetos to touch your ice cubes? Grab a simple and inexpensive ice scoop. Sorry about my reflection in the scoop, but at least you know it's clean. 


This church key, better know to some as a bottle opener was under $15. Depending on your season, climate and the host; you can find creative bottle openers from Pier 1, Target, and your favorite local gift stores. Easy to wrap and carry.