Best Ever Stain Remover

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®


Here it is, the best ever stain remover:

  • 3 parts hydrogen peroxide
  • 2 parts rubbing alcohol

For example, mix 3 cups peroxide and 2 cups rubbing alcohol. You get the picture...

Yes, it is really that simple. Mix ingredients together in a spray bottle and stash it in your laundry room. The crash and burn happens – spray it, or if it's a large area, pour it on the spot. Re-apply until the stain is gone, but don't rub excessively. 

It works on carpets, linens, clothing and furniture. It has removed coffee, red wine, all food stains and basically anything else I, the spiller of all time, have created.

My Texas girlfriend's face went white after spilling red wine on a silk sofa and the amazing rug underneath it. AHHH!

It took two applications, but it all came out.  

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