Memorable Holiday Parties

by Sue Zelickson, Tastemaker in Residence


Over time many of us look forward to the holiday season with anticipation of the festive parties we get to attend.

Many are traditions where we know exactly what to expect, as they most always are a carbon copy year after

year (Same time, same décor, same food, same drinks and most often the same guest list).  Some do teas with

the ladies, which are full of sweets, little tea sandwiches, and special teas, wines and liqueurs. Many make 

homemade items from family recipes that you come to expect each year and find nowhere else.

Buffets and bars around the house seem to be best for large crowds that come and go during the hours stated on

the invitations. 

Standing and eating works for some, others set up areas for guests to sit and eat either at tables around the

house or on chairs and sofas on their laps with help to pass out seconds and refills.

It is always a treat to see the decorations inside and out and how many people have sets of holiday dishes and

glass wear for this time of year.  

It is proper to bring a house gift for the host and hostess and especially nice when there are little gifts for each

guest to take home when they leave.

Another kind gesture is to have valet car parkers at homes with little room

for cars, letting guests avoid long walks in the snow and cold.

I look forward to the moist, fresh baked turkey, the mounds of steak tartar, the minced ham tea sandwiches, the

frosted  holiday cookies, the homemade Bailey’s Irish cream and the traditional Southern pies at the delicious

memorable parties I’m so lucky to be invited to each 


Wish you all could come along.