Spread Kindness

by Heather Durenberger, Tastemaker in Residence


My husband always tells me "Honey you are different from others; you think about doing kind things and you actually do them. Whereas the rest of us have an idea and we never act on it."

I cannot tell you how meaningful it truly is when you show small acts of kindness. The stories about what happens to other human beings when you share kindness, are so powerful. It gives hope in the world and reminds us that we are all connected, on a very human level.  

As we enter the holiday and gift giving season, I want to challenge and broaden your thinking. Instead of or along with gift giving, take the opportunity to share a kindness with a family member, friend or neighbor. A note of how grateful you are for the faithful service of your babysitter, postman, service clerk at the dry cleaners, school teachers can be so moving for the recipient. Make a plate of cookies, share a drawing or a dish from your family recipes. There are many lovely ways to show your gratitude during the holiday season.  

We have a tradition with our kids. On a random Friday afternoon, I make a tray of brownies or cookies. We package them so they can be delivered when they get off the bus to all our neighbors.  We are so lucky to have two neighbors in their 90‘s. My children and the neighbors delight in these treat deliveries. 

Parker Palmer, a well known author wrote about how frightening our world is and how we have all retreated to private places. 

This holiday season, I challenge you to reach out and connect with your neighbors, friends and family. Shower them with random acts of kindness and watch what happens. You will set off a beautiful chain reaction of kindness in the world, that always seems to come back to us in a very personal and meaningful way.