Give Thanks and De-Puff!

by Tania Staps, Tastemaker in Residence

Wow! The holidays are upon us, and sometimes that can equal stress!  

Well, here's a tip that can help you keep the area around your eyes less stressful. I work with models for photo shoots and prepare ladies for the red carpet. All of these lovely ladies, mothers, housewives and nurses that I work with have taught me; puffy eyes just can't be in the picture! 

So, here's a tip that I learned along the way in my career as a make-up artist. 

  • Make some very strong green tea. 
  • Let it cool
  • Pour into ice cube trays.  
  • When your eyes are puffy or even tired, pop an ice cube out, wrap it in cheese cloth and place it on your eyes.  
  • I pat it in a circular motion going away from the eye to pull the fluid which has accumulated, away from the eye.
  • I even carry a couple with me when I am flying. When the plane is about to land it is a treat for my eyes.  
  • The anti-oxidants in the green tea are amazing for your skin and the coldness helps with the “puffiness.” Follow this with your favorite eye cream. 

Have a lovely holiday, and remember to take care of you!