White Pop-Up Event

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®


Pop-up events began in France so spontaneity and surprises reign. Buying your ticket is the only thing "normal" about this event. You have absolutely no idea where you are going until the magic text pops in the same afternoon your to pop-up, and of you go. For a fee, ours was $30 per person, you are provided a table with a white cloth on it, chairs, live music and your canvas, in this case, the Minneapolis skyline on an amazing summer night.

The only real requirement is you must wear white. I know you only wear black pants or skirts blah, blah boring. We divided our preparation tasks of food, flowers, decor, wine, dishes, crystal, water, candles and the '"spirited" factor. Quite a few ice chests, full of food and decor later, we were set up. Yeah team! Midsummer Nights Dream Tables come in all shapes and sizes. This was ours......