Confessions of a Table Dressings Geek

by Cindi Sutter, Founder of The Spirited Table®

Setting the weeknight table as a child included negotiations, drawing straws, or basically using homework to beg out of this task. Homework really, thats the best you’ve got? Weekend tables were an entirely different story. Why? Because we were entrusted with the good china, crystal, silver and given complete creative control of the table’s appearance. Oh, what sweet freedom can do for the soul, or in this case the tables. The visual result was usually charming with a dash of weird, but the unspoken statement of the day conveyed trust, personal freedom and fun. 

Humor me, consider the bonding possibilities with your children. Give them free reign to gather trinkets from the house and garden. What if the worlds kitchen table tops were designed by kids? Give it a try, let me know.  

These tables with a view were inspired by fabrics from Scherping Westphal. The table top decor was all found within the walls of my home. Fancy crystal meets mugs found at Goodwill...heirloom china bows to white milk glass plates from the local antique mall...sea shells pouring out of a $25 punch bowl sit next to glasses from Mexico...fake sunflowers happily reside inside a Murano wedding gift vase.  

Strangely and honestly I can say, none of these table designs have ever shared the same space on any table. Much less looking and feeling like they do right now. Enough said about being properly inspired. Happy Tables to YOU!